About Us

From my early childhood I was inspired to live in an healthy way and to work with natural materials, especially wood!

I was born in the  small village of Rutoši near by town of Nova Varoš (Western Serbia). My Father was employed in the furniture factory suited nearby our village called "INOVA Kokin Brod". He was one of the most skilled artificers. Also, he starter his private business with furniture. After his regular working hours he used to work vary passionately at home. Supporting him  I got inspired to develop my own skills working with wood. I am thankful to him for all his time and knowledge that he transferred to me. Further on, I proceeded to grow my knowledge and mastery using my own experience, but also by modeling of other skillful artificers.

After some time, when I got little bit older, I started my own business with furniture. I was lucky to get in touch with one of my customers who was interested to order rustic furniture. Thanks to my inspiration, but also to ideas of my wife and that customer I developed my own style and got well-known artificer here in the area of Zlatibor mountain. 

During these years, I was attracted by ideas of healthy life and nutrition, especially about honey products. I was lucky to get in touch and become a friend with many beekeepers. One of them was well-known beekeeper, Nenad Ivanović. Together, we got an idea to produce beehives and frames for beehives.  

We were passionate and dedicated to grow our business and the cycle of satisfied and loyal clients. Today we are successful company which is working with team of dedicated professionals. We hope that everyone who take care  about his health and love honey product will use it to support its nutrition and health. This is also the best way to support our work and vision.

Enjoy in honey product and healthy life, but also take care and put your bees in their best home "DG-MEDIS". 


Natural Beauty, Real Virtuosity

I want to thank to this team for its dedicated work. I am satisfied with quality of beehives. Also the guys respected all time dead lines that we agreed each other. I wish you all the best in the future business!

Nikola Ćosović

The cooperation with Dule and DG-MEDIS company was very useful and profitable for me. I am satisfied with structure and quality of a beehives. Big Thanks to this team for their professional approach and great service!

Marjan Janković