We Love What We Do, And Pass That Love On To You

Hand made beehives





Beehives are made of first-class spruce wood planks (and not out of stands).
The frames are made exclusively of linden wood. Refuge is made for plastic feeder and without. The hive’s roof is built from wood and usb-plate and bordered with a printing plate. The bodies are composed out of multiple planks glued together with a waterproof glue and a comb system.
The joint is done through sticking and screw. We offer color hives as well.
You may buy a whole set or each element separately.

Uniqe Rustic Furniture




Furniture is made of natural, solid, best-quality wood. The wood may be combined with stone, tiles or wrought iron and it may be done in multiple colors and processing styles. You wish for a special place for enjoyment: a house, a flat or a cottage and we are here to fulfill it.